At What Age Should Men’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Be Taken Seriously?

At What Age Should Men’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Be Taken Seriously?

Like with most things, prevention is often better (and easier) than cure, and so the best time to start looking after your skin is… today! Looking after your skin from an early age will most definitely make a big difference for the future, but does that mean you need to start a strict anti-aging regime at 18, otherwise all else is lost? Fortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. Let’s have a closer look at how it does work and what you can do now to protect your skin’s health in the long run.

When it comes to men’s grooming, it isn’t as well documented as women’s, and therefore can slip the minds of guys out there quite easily. Looking after your skin when you’re younger doesn’t mean spending an arm and a leg on lotions and potions, but looking after it sensibly and this tends to start with looking after your body as a whole. Smoking, drinking, bad diets all have major impacts at an early age, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Keeping fit and healthy whilst cleansing and moisturising daily should keep your skin in excellent condition, giving it the best chance of looking amazing at a later stage in life.

When we hit around 28, our production of collagen and the quality of that produced starts to drop slightly. It would be fair to say now is the key time to really ramp up your skin care regime, as giving your skin that extra boost will counterbalance the effects of growing older. Meddling too much before this age can be counterproductive, and as such it’s best to just keep it simple. By the time you’re reaching your 30s, there’s more you can do to really look after yourself.

Best mens skin care products should be the top of your list of things to buy, and these should include cleansing, moisturising and exfoliating at least twice a week. Cell turnover starts to slow down after 30 and removing this dead skin will leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Hunter Lab have put extensive research into men’s skin care and offer the best quality products going.

If you’re worried about when to start using men’s anti-aging cream, then the answer differs for everyone. When you look at your parents, they will often give you the best indicator of how your skin will hold up when you’re older. The best way to answer when should you start with an anti-aging regime is when you start seeing the first signs. Crows feet and small wrinkles are the first signs of your skin’s aging, and by using anti-aging treatments you can hold up the effects this will have on the overall structure of your skin. The collagen and other ingredients found in these creams will help to revitalise your skin and leave you feeling younger than ever. So worry not, start looking after your skin today and you’ll feel the benefits tomorrow.

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